Easy Swish Mascar Riser 1 Inlet
Stock Code: ESMB1I
Price:£108.18 each

6m Red NIE PVC Duct Pipe 160mm (6")
Stock Code: RDPN6
Price:£105.60 each

Haemmerlin CRUSADER Wheelbarrow Puncture Free
Stock Code: WBCPF
Price:£208.62 each

  • Heavy Duty 120 Litre High Density Polyethylene tray.
  • Nuts are recessed to avoid damaging tools 1 year warranty on tray based on normal use.

    Wheels have metal disc rims reducing flats & providing strength running on internal spindles to assist rotation.

    Alpha frame featuring cross member welded tray support extending up the tray front to add additional strength, 32mm diameter tube frame.

    Bi-material handle grips for comfort and support.

    Comes with a Puncture free wheel.

    Modular Access Chamber 600x600x330
    Stock Code: MAC600
    Price:£73.92 each

    Mufle JMA Nice B125 Chan 100x90 DI
    Stock Code: JMAMNB125D
    Price:£36.00 each

    Complete Per M 100W x 90D 1m PVC Base, 2no 500mm Ductile B125 Grate, 2 Locking Bar & Bolts

    Easy Swish Mascar Riser 2 Inlet
    Stock Code: ESMB2I
    Price:£200.16 each

    Modular Access COVER 450x450 12.5T
    Stock Code: MACC450
    Price:£254.64 each

    Features and Benefits of Modular Access Covers – Composite Anti Slip:

    Covers are available with an integral anti-skid pattern, load rated to BS EN124 Class B125.

    Covers are marked “Naylor Drainage” and are coloured black, with the legend “Traffic Signals” or “Street Lighting” where applicable.

    Covers have locking features and lifting keyholes available.

    Suitable for Naylor Modular Access Chambers allowing direct loading to be evenly transferred.

    Covers have a deep seated galvanised frame .

    Have successfully passed SRV requirements, wet and dry.

    Covers are approved by many Local Authorities.

    Mufle C250 Ductile Iron complete
    Stock Code: JMAMC250
    Price:£57.00 each

    Features locking and heelsafe grid

    Red Duct Pipe 6mx110mm
    Stock Code: RDP4
    Price:£43.20 each

    Red Duct Pipe 6mx50mm
    Stock Code: RDP2
    Price:£21.54 each

    PVC Socketed

    Red ESB Duct Pipe 6mx125mm
    Stock Code: RDP5
    Price:£50.40 each

    68 per bale

    Yellow ALPHA Wheelbarrow 90L
    Stock Code: WBY90A
    Price:£103.50 each

    The Alpha Original comes with a 90 Litre Yellow epoxy powder coated tray with a “European” pan style design.

    Tough tray with side ribs for additional strength plus double shifted edges for extra strength and safety reasons.  

    Equipped with the revolutionary ALPHA FRAME, unique to Haemmerlin. It has a tubular design forming a strong cradle at the front of the tray, but as importantly on the underside of the tray and features a welded joint in the centre of the framework to strengthen the whole structure.

    There are 2 wheel options: pneumatic and puncture free. It has Bi-material handle grips that give a comfortable feeling and are slip resistant.

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